Frank Patrick, P.E.

High Purity Consultant at Navrick Engineering

Frank Patrick began his career in high purity water at Aqua Media as a technician in the early 70's. This hands-on knowledge has played an important role in his ability to provide his client's with cost-effective DI plant and distribution design support. With the on-going controversy of Boron, Continuous deionization (EDI), mass transfer degasification (DO), HERO, OXP UREA, Frank has become a resource for companies to cut through the hype and determine the real needs of the End User. Providing system design and Bid Proposals evaluations from companies such as Ovivo, GE, Siemens, and others Frank has become very familiar with cost associated with the major components in these designs. In any new plant or expansion of a UPW plant, the key to generating an effective Request for Quotation (RFQ) is properly defining the "water quality specification". All to often the RFQ includes contradictory quality requirements or exceeds the FABs needs. The resulting Bid proposals are then inflated and if accepted result in a multitude of costly "change orders".

Aside from providing Plant cost/design and troubleshooting support, Navrick engineering has provided design support from wastewater, specialty gases to in-house exhaust. This combined with his troubleshooting skills developed during his years at Aqua Media, Intel and Motorola make him an excellent resource to identify and resolve system issues.

Specialties: Ultrapure Water and Wastewater system design for the semiconductor industry.